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Option to select old icon library


the new "flat" icon library does look very alien under Windows 7. Is it possible to install an option to use the old icon library, or even autodetect the "best looking" icon library depending on the operating system used?

There is an option to change the Look & Feel (Metal, Windows, Synthetica), maybe you can add an option for "skinning" DbVisualizer?



Product: DbVisualizer Pro 9.2.14 [Build #2495]
OS: Windows 7
OS Version: 6.1
OS Arch: amd64
Java Version: 1.7.0_80
Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation

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We have no plans to reintroduce the old icon collection or offer multiple icon sets.



I agree with Andreas, the new icons aren't as distinct as the older ones under Windows. Is it possible to copy the old icon library from my 9.2.14 version across to my 9.5.1 installation folders?

Hi Steve,

It is unfortunately not possible to revert the icon collection.

When you say "not as distinct", what specific icons are harder to read? Maybe we can adjust some to make them more readable.



Hi Roger,

Sorry, that wasn't a very good description. To me the old icons were sharper images, I find the 3d effects and higher contrast easier on the eye particularly where several are of similar colour and style.

I've included these screen-shots of both types to help illustrate the differences.



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