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Navigating quickly to a table in Databases tab?

I'm looking for a faster way to select a table so I can import into it or see its indexes and DDL. Currently, I find my database connection in the Databases tab and then click six tiny "+" buttons until I can see the table. Is there a faster way to do this?


My ideal might be, if I am in SQL commander with the table name highlighted, right-click would let me select that table in the Databases tab (under the currently connected database, since many tables have the same name in different databases).


In the SQL Commander while the caret is on a table name right-click and select Show Object at Cursor. That will open the object details for the object and from there just click the object path link to open it in the Databases tab. 

Does this work for you?



Yup, it works. Don't know why I gave up on it, I've tried it more than once. The name did a good job of implying it was what I wanted.

The link thing is also a great hint. Thank you.

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