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Support for Mac ARM M1


Are there any plans to natively support ARM / M1 on MacOS?

It seems to work fine on Rosetta, but it takes a while to start up - even after the first start up.

I tried to use the ARM M1 version of the JDK (from Azul), but DBVis fails to recognise the JDK (it just says it needs at least Java 8 - even when I use JDK 8 or JDK 15).


Hi Richard,

When using the JDK from Azul did you try using the script to launch DbVisualizer as described in How do I launch DbVisualizer manually?



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Hi Ulf,

I tried that and it works fine. Now running the Arm JDK 15.1.



I was looking for M1 (Apple Silicon) support similarly for Intellij and found that JetBrains maintains their own fork of the JDK for their products. Their JDK supports M1 as well as offers better font rendering. Perhaps DbVis would benefit from using their JDK?

Hi Mathew,

We have been discussing this JVM internally. No conclusions yet though.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Best Regards


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