DbVisualizer reads and stores user settings in a OS dependent folder. When running DbVisualizer on a USB device (for example a memory stick) this is probably not a good idea since your settings will be kept on the computer where the device is currently plugged in. The following explains how to install DbVisualizer on an USB device and the user settings:

Installing DbVisualizer on USB device is easy:

  1. Download one of the installers that are packaged as an archive (zip, gzip, etc). Don't use any of the GUI (setup) installers.
  2. Follow the related installation instruction in the download web page and unpack the archive on the USB device.

You are set with the installation. The following instructs how to specify that your DbVisualizer settings will be saved to the USB device:

  1. Navigate to the DbVisualizer installation folder
  2. Open the dbvis.vmoptions file in a text editor
  3. Add the following in a new row:
  4. All your settings are now saved in the MySettings folder on the USB device. It will be located in the same folder as DbVisualizer

If you don't specify a full path the folder will be saved relative to the installation folder, environment variables such as ${USERPROFILE} and ${HOME} may be used depending on what OS is used.

If you've been running DbVisualizer on a computer and want to copy all your settings to the USB device use the File->Export Settings on the computer from where you want to copy and then on the target computer where you start DbVisualizer on the USB device use File->Import Settings.

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