Published 2013-12-19

The tab based interface in DbVisualizer is powerful as it offers some nice features that are used to organize how components are displayed. One useful feature is to ability to easily expand a tab so that it covers most of the DbVisualizer window. Consider editing and executing a query that produce a result set with a large number of cells. Not only the editor occupy space but also the result set grid. 

To quickly expand the result set so that it cover most of the window just double-click the tab header (or chose Maximize Tab in the tab right-click menu):

It is now far more easier to get an overview of the result set:

As you can see not only the tab itself is maximized, the Database, Scripts and Favorites tabs are automatically minimized to make even more space. If you need any of these while a tab is maximized, just click the respective button and it will reappear on screen.

To revert to the original size just double-click the tab header again.

While some tab is being maximized an indicator is displayed in the main window tool bar. Click this indicator to unmaximize:

The following tab types can be maximized:

  • Object View tabs
  • SQL Commander tabs
  • Result Set tabs