Published 2013-12-06

A useful feature in the Databases tab list is that tablesprocedures and functions can be dragged and dropped in an open SQL editor. (This is a shortcut for right-clicking in the list and chose the Script Table/Function/Procedure action).

Select the objects you want to script in the Databases tab. The following show three table objects being dragged and dropped in the SQL Editor:

When dropping the objects, the scripting window is displayed with options to control the scripting and where to output the result:

Click Ok and this is the scripted result:

If you want to change so that the dropped objects are inserted by name in the editor, hold Ctrl while dragging on Windows/Linux/UNIX and Alt on Mac OS X

To swap the behavior using a modifier key (Ctrl or Alt) open Tool Properties and selected the SQL Commander Category:

Check Insert Object Name and the drop will insert the object names without first showing the scripting window. With this mode you hold Ctrl or Altto open the scripting window while dropping objects.