To install Hadoop and Hive ,see Apache Hadoop and  Apache Hive

To setup a connection with Hive/Hadoop in DbVisualizer do as follows :

In DbVisualizer 13 and later you only need to create a new connection for Hive - the bundled driver contains all you need in the hive-jdbc-uber jar. (See for more information about this). 

In previous versions of DbVisualizer :

  1. Open DbVisualizer and the Tools->Driver Manager
  2. Select the Hive driver entry and load the following jar files:
  3. When the driver manager has searched the jar files, org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver will be listed in the Driver Class field
  4. Close the Driver Manager
  5. Open Tools->Connection Wizard to create a new Hive connection and make sure the Hive driver entry is selected in the first pane and that correct Database details are specified in the last pane
  6. Click Finish to create the new Hive database connection and connect it

Hive JDBC setup lists additional information for the Hive driver.

This old external article explains how to connect to Hortonwork HiveServer2 with DbVisualizer 9.2.2: