Java 9 is included starting with DbVisualizer 10.0.8 for the first time, with support for HiDPI displays. Unfortunately we have found that Java 9 causes an issue in the editor where the insertion point (caret) doesn't align with where the mouse cursor is clicked. The problem is in Java 9 and visible both with non HiDPI and HiDPI monitors. Hopefully a future Java 9 release will fix it, but for now there are several workarounds:

1) If using an HiDPI monitor

Do as follows if you are experiencing the problem with a HiDPI monitor:

  1. Find java.exe you use, or the dbvis.exe file if using the launcher in Windows File Explorer.
  2. Right click -> Properties
  3. Go to Compatibility tab
  4. Check Override high DPI scaling behavior.
  5. Choose System for Scaling performed by. Choosing System (Enhanced) seems to be a little better.

2) If using a non HiDPI monitor

In Tools->Tool Properties and in the General category insert the following on a new line in Java VM Properties:


The setting will force the resolution for Java to 100% and ignore any higher resolution defined in Windows. To change the resolution in DbVisualizer click the General / Appearance / Fonts category. Change Font Scale to the same resolution that is set in Windows and restart. If you after restart need to adjust the font sizes even further, open Tools->Tool Properties and the General / Appearance / Fonts.

3) ... or change to the Monospaced font

The following is applicable for both HiDPI and non HiDPI monitors.

In Tools->Tool Properties select General / Appearance / Fonts and change the font for Text Editors to the Monospaced font. 

If any of these doesn't give the expected behavior, please post a screenshot.