From version 10.0.17 of DbVisualizer will by default parse any SSH configuration file found in the users .ssh directory.
The location of the file parsed is <User home>/.ssh/config.

The SSH Configuration file support included DbVisualizer has some known issues listed below.

Host key word need to start with a capital H
In the example below the line Host in "Host myhost" need to start with capital H. Having the line specified as "host myhost"
will give unpredictable results.

 Host myhost
    user admin
    port 2222

Compression support
SSH Compression is NOT included in DbVisualizer.
Please send us a improvement request, if you need Compression to be included in DbVisualizer by default, and we will consider this for future releases.

Disabling parsing of the SSH config file

This is unfortunately not supported. The only way to do this in 10.0.17 is to temporarily rename the config file while connecting. The file location is here <User home>/.ssh/config.  

Parsing of the SSH config file will in next release of DbVisualizer be optional and based on a SSH config file path setting. This setting will by default be blank. DbVisualizer will in this case not parse any
SSH configuration file.