The Snowflake JDBC driver supports multiple IdP (Identity Providers) and one we've verified DbVisualizer with is OneLogin and browser based SSO. This simply means that the authentication process in DbVisualizer at connect with Snowflake will open a web browser that performs the authentication. Other than enabling DbVisualizer, you need to have an account with an IdP such as OneLogin, and the Snowflake account to allow for SSO.

Setting up the IdP account and Snowflake

Check the following step-by-step instruction by the Snowflake community how to setup OneLogin and Snowflake:

Enabling 'externalbrowser' authentication in DbVisualizer 

In DbVisualizer, browser based authentication is enabled by adding the driver property:

authenticator = externalbrowser

Which needs to be set in the driver properties for the Snowflake database connection:

In the main window you can then leave the Database Userid and Password empty while entering all details about the Snowflake account: