This solution describes how to setup DbVisualizer to connect to your Redshift database using Okta as an identity provider. The solution article does not cover the steps needed to prepare your Redshift account or your Okta account. Please refer to Redshift documentation for details.

In DbVisualizer:

  1. Create a Database Connection using the Redshift driver
  2. In the Connections Tab enter the following:
    • Settings Format: Select Database URL
    • Database URL: jdbc:redshift:iam://[your-redshift-cluster-connection-string]/[your database] 
    • Database Userid: The userid
    • Database Password: The password
  3. In Driver Properties section of the Connection Properties for your connection enter the following.    
    • Set the property plugin_name to
    • Add the property idp_host and set the value your host name. E.g.
    • Add the property preferred_role and set the value to the arn (Amazon Resource Name) of your role. E.g. arn:aws:iam::11111:role/OktaEKSRole
    • Add the property app_id and set the value to your app id