Windows users may see the following exceptions when launching DbVisualizer. The errors results in the Red Balloon - log errors popping up in DbVisualizer.  

2021-11-10 12:58:38.765 WARN    64 [Swing-Shell - Win32ShellFolderManager2.getPersonal] Cannot access 'Personal' Could not get shell folder ID list
   at java.desktop/ Method
   at java.desktop/$


021-09-14 13:03:03.923 WARN   773 [Swing-Shell - Win32ShellFolderManager2.getPersonal] Cannot access 'Personal' File \\afolder\dontexist not found
  at java.desktop/

The root cause may be that the Windows user environment is corrupt. Specifically windows configuration pinpointing your Documents folder is corrupt. 

To solve this we recommend you to contact your local IT support.

Details - to correct

In your windows environment the this is defined by the registry entry Personal in  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

Make sure the value of the Personal entry points to valid folder. Note we do recommend these kind of changes to be verified by your IT support.