If you have a non-subscription license, purchased before January 19th, 2022, this article does not apply. Please visit https://www.dbvis.com/buy/ and click the renew button for the DbVisualizer Pro subscription you want to renew.

The default behaviour is that your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your term. No further actions needed. You will be notified beforehand and can cancel the renewal at the time of notification. 


If you have disabled automatic renewals and the renewal date has not yet passed. Go to your self service subscription page and turn it on before the renewal date:


  1. Enable auto renewal by clicking the slider on the right hand side:

  2. Click Accept:

  1. Your subscription is now enabled for automatic renewal:


If you have disabled automatic renewals and the renewal date has passed. Go to your self service page and enable the automatic renewal, as above. The new term will start on the date you enable your subscription again and there will be no backpay for the period lapsed between your last and current active subscription. 

If you no longer have access to the email with the link to your self service page, visit https://www.dbvis.com/buy/ and place your renewal order in our online store or contact sales@dbvis.com.

How to locate your self service page

If you need to update your subscription (set manual/auto renewal, edit address, edit payment details etc), you do this via your subscription self service page. A link to that page is included in your order confirmation email. If you have lost your confirmation email, send us an email at sales@dbvis.com.