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External Editor Support

I like the sql editor built into DBVis; auto complete and other features work well.  But sometimes I need to make pretty aggressive changes to the script and would like to use a more full featured editor for a few minutes.

I would like a hot key to press while I am in the sql editor that will bring up my choice of editor with the file.  Then when I exit the editor the file is placed back into the built in editor.

Right now I cut and paste the script between the editor and the built in editor; This is okay, but it is tedious and a bit error prone.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've added your vote for this feature.

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I quite often find my self comparing script files side by side. I usually do this with jDiff plug-in and jEdit. Or I make changes using regular expressions but I have to admit, I did not check DbVis capability with respect to this.

I guess I would be fully satisfied if DbVis checked if a file has changed on disk when the open file gets focus be it because DbVis regains focus or a tab switch. In case of a change on disk, I would like DbVis to ask what to do, reload possibly discarding changes in DbVis thereby, do nothing or exclude the file from being checked permanently or until the next reopen of the file. I am thinking along the feature of jEdit less. kate is much less flexible there.

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We will look into this in an upcoming maintenance version.



DbVisualizer 10.0.19 has just been released with a new stale file handler in the SQL Commander. It will warn immediately and not only at the time of save if there are any external changes in the file being edited.

Easiest is that you open Help->Check for Update in DbVisualizer to perform the upgrade. An alternative is that you download from our web site:



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I know this is an old idea but having support for a richer editing environment would be nice.  (I'm looking at you Snowflake stored procedures and your JavaScripty unwieldy core all wrapped up in the sheep's clothing of SQL)

VSCode has a dedicated extension which includes symbol awareness, autocomplete (... ah) and the ability to distinguish JavaScript code from SQL code.  

Shelling out to VS Code to edit a Snowflake stored proc with all the VS Code editing goodies built in but actually managing the running of the stored proc within the DbVis environment would be awesome thing.

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