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Shortcut Key to Collapse to Database Connection

I would like to vote for a shortcut key in the Database Connection pane that would collapse the current tree all the way up to the Database Connection. It would be the equivalent of pressing the Left Arrow enough times until the cursor is positioned at the Database Connection level. I suggest Ctrl+Left as the shortcut key.

I don't think this next part is possible, but I thought I'd mention it: If it's possible to maintain the cursor position inside the tree even while the tree is closed, then an opposite shortcut (Ctrl+Right) would open the tree back up and position the user back on the active line. 


There is the Collapse to Connected Database Connection action in the right-click menu when on a database connection. It is also represented in the Databases tab toolbar. It collapses all expanded databases. Is this sufficient?

For the second request, that is unfortunately not possible as collapsing moves the selection. We can of course think of other options. I'll bring it up for discussion.



Collapse all won't work for my purposes. I guess I was hoping for was a way to visualize where I am without changing where I am.

I hate to harp on tooltips, but here's my "ultimate" solution (and I don't think it would be that hard to implement!):

If I'm currently pointed at spt_values like this:


I would love to see a tooltip that says:


It's got all  the info I need, and none of the info I don't need.

If it was displayed above and to the left of what I'm currently pointing at, it won't cover up anything I need.

I think if you mocked this up and presented it to some users, lots of people would agree with me that this is a really useful tooltip to have!



Hi Charles,

Just to let you (and anyone else interested) know, the tooltip idea is registered as an improvement suggestion. If and how this will be implemented is yet to be decided.




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