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Data type recognition in the Query Builder

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I use DBVisualizer connected to different DB2-Databases. When using the Query Builder, I´d like to have the following feature when building conditons:

I add a specific condition to my query and put in a value to restrict the query output. This value has a specific data type (based on the table definitions). In this case it is a "CHAR"-data type. Although DBVisualizer has all information about the data types, it is not possible to have this value in apostrophes (e.g. '01' instead of 01) when copying the generated sql to the sql editor. When I execute the sql the following sql return code appears: [Error Code: -401, SQL State: 42818]  THE OPERANDS OF AN ARITHMETIC OR COMPARISON OPERATION ARE NOT COMPARABLE.

I think it would be a great improvement to the query builder if it could recognize the data types and add the apostrophes if neccessary.

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Re: Data type recognition in the Query Builder
Frank, You are correct that currently it is the user that need to quote the data accordingly in the Query Builder. I'll add your request that this should be made automatically by the Query Builder. Thanks! Regards Roger