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Add own 'label' to result set tab

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Hi, It would be nice if I could add my own label to a result set tab - maybe on right click context menu - to replace the text that shows start of the select statement (it would still be good to see the select statement in the popup). I'd like to be able to add a label as often I'm running the same query a number of times, while running/debugging programs in between running the sql's. For example if I was debugging programs fhm08x and fhr119x I could modify label on successive runs of sql to: 'before prog fhm08x' 'after prog fhm08x' 'breakpoint prog fhr119x' 'after prog fhr119x' ...etc... This would allow easy reference to see what data I'm looking at as I try to debug which part of a program maybe put erroneous data in database. Regards, Bryce Stenberg IT Department Harness Racing New Zealand Inc.
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Re: Add own 'label' to result set tab
Bryce, I'll add this as a feature request. Thanks! Regards Roger

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