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Import Table Data into Temp tables

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Hi -- had to import a csv into a temp table (Sybase ASE) Of course, the temp table woulnd not show up under the current db, so I went to tempdb. In the tempdb, ASE appends a unique id in form of __############## to temp table. So when I started to import the data, I, obviously got an error: ~^#nasd100_____00004950010424942^~ ~^09:42:08 Import started. Wait...^~ ~^09:42:08 [ Row: 2, File lines: 2/3 ] The identifier that starts with '"#nasd100_____000049500104249' is too long. Maximum length is 28.^~ ~^09:42:08 Import interrupted because of error(s)^~ ~^... Import finished. 0 row(s) inserted and 1 failed.^~ So, what I'm getting at is to have ability of importing the data into the temp tables. I guess a quick solution would be enabling the Table textbox to accept custom table names (in the Import CSV File dialog, as it is currentlyu disabled). As a work around, which took a bit more time, I exported data in SQL format as bunch of insert statements indicating the destination (temp) table name and then just executed them. Having ability to import directly into a temp table from that dialog would def save me some time. Besides, its a big value and a good thing to have, i think.
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Re: Import Table Data into Temp tables
Hi Alex, I will add this as a feature request. Thanks! Best Regards Roger