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Improvements to Create Table dialog

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I've just used the Create Table dialog for the first time rather than doing so via SQL. I noticed first that it's a modal dialog, which causes problems if I'm declaring a column I created elsewhere and think to myself "I wonder what I declared that column type as in Table X" as I'm not able to browse to Table X once I'm editing a new table. Also, in the Data Type Field, if I want to declare a VARCHAR(255) I'd need to: 1. Type VARCHAR. 2. Press enter to close the autocomplete dialog . 3. Press TAB to go to the column size field. 4. Type 255. This could be reduced to only 1 step if you parsed me typing VARCHAR(255) and used it to populate both the column type and size. Also, I can only dismiss the autocomplete dialog via the enter key. I should be able to TAB out of this too but I can't. For reference, I'm using version 7.1.2.
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Re: Improvements to Create Table dialog
Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I've added them to our feature tracking system. Best Regards, Hans