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Transaction savepoints

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Dear All, I would like to ask for savepoint support for transactions in DbVis. I am working on a daily basis with DbVis against Postgresql databases. Postgresql is following the transaction definition quite stictly, which means, among other things, that if some error occursi a transaction, it is invalidated and has to be rolled back until any more operations can be done. [1] Typically when developing on databases, and especially when loading data (which is one of DbVis' strenghts), errors do occur. To circumvent them one should set savepoints from time to time. Postgresql's psql command line tool has a switch ON_ERROR_CONTINUE wich does an implicit savepoint before every command and rolls back to it if the command fails. [2] Savepoints are defined in the JDBC 3.0 specification (chapter 10.3) and at leas Postgresql's driver has implemented it [3]. I could think about an implementation eiher as a client side command (like '@set autocommit') or some kind of connection setting that has the same effect as psql's ON_ERROR_CONTINUE if the the driver supports it. Thank You for a great product, Jonas Sundman Helsinki, Finland [1] [2] [3]
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Re: Transaction savepoints
Hi Jonas, Thanks for your post. I will register an enhancement request for adding savepoint support in DbVisualizer. Best Regards Roger