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External Tools Support in SQL Editor

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Hello, I often do things like copy/paste SQL from code, or have SQL that I want to transform before executing it. I typically handle these scenarios by saving a file, running a perl, ruby, whatever script against it, and then executing the result. Is there any way we could get a way to integrate with external tools in the SQL editor? I see this working as such: # In Preferences, go to an External Tools section # Click Add # Provide path (e.x. /usr/bin/ruby) and command line arguments (with some way to reference the current SQL editor script, like \1 or ${file} or something) ## A command line argument for ${output} would be available to pass (which would be a new temporary file) ## An option for replace SQL Editor with stdout would also be available # In SQL Editor, have a button that shows a drop down with the external tools # When picking one, the current script would be saved to a temporary file. If ${output} was an argument, a new temporary file would be created, and then the tool would run # After complete, the SQL Editor would be updated with either the contents of the output file, or the contents of stdout Any thoughts? This would greatly improve my productivity
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Re: External Tools Support in SQL Editor
Craig, Thanks for your suggestion. I will register a ticket for this for inclusion in a future release. Thanks again. Regards Roger