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Auto Format sql extensions

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I would appreciate some extensions to the Auto Format of SQL. The main thing is to indent each main and subpart of the sql statement with 1 indent for each: See the attatched file for an example. Of course when I have set up the Tool Properties for myself I should be able to copy all or part of them (parts beeing any individual windowed part in the property settings), paste that into a mail, send the mail to any other user of DbVisualizer. That user could then simpley copy from the mail and paste into a single past area in the Tool Properties dialog and have the same setup as me. Edited by: Nils Myklebust on Dec 7, 2012 4:21 PM
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Re: Auto Format sql extensions
Hi Nils, Thanks for your detailed suggestions. I've opened a ticket so we can look at this for a future release. Best Regards, Hans