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Support for blobs containing Zip archives

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We use blob fields in many of our applications to store a variety of content types such as images, PDF documents, XML files and Zip archives. One of my favorite features of DbVis is that it recognizes several of these common data formats and displays the content in an appropriate viewer. I especially like the PDF viewer which I recently discovered :) It would be very useful if a viewer or editor were added for blobs containing Zip compressed content. Being able to browse and/or extract files within a Zip blob would save us quite a bit of time developing and debugging our applications. Currently I need to save the blob to disk to access the zip archive contents. Adding a "Open file" option along side the "Save Selected Cell.." option in the grid context menu would also be a nice addition. Regards, David
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Re: Support for blobs containing Zip archives
David, I will add your vote for a ZIP viewer. Regards Roger