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Tooltips of foreign key's in svg

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I'am using DBVis to create diagrams of my database to publish them in SVG format on my wiki website. This works very well. The only thing that is missing is that I cannot see which fields are linked over a foreign key. The only possibilty is to display the foreign key's name, but when I enable this checkbox the text ist all over the rectangles and is barely readable. And also the foreign key name often does not include the name of the fields that are joined together. I think the best way would be to display this information using tooltips. Tooltips are also possible in SVG graphics as described on this page: I would be a greate feature to show tooltips with the names of the two fields that are joined together when hovering the mouse over the link between the two tables. Is it possible to implement this feature?
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Re: Tooltips of foreign key's in svg
David, Thanks for your post. I will register a ticket for the SVG tooltips suggestion. Regards Roger