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Edit Oracle RAW as Hex in Grid

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In our company we are using RAW(16) with default SYS_GUID() for primary keys in out Oracle database. Unfortunately handling of raw columns is only half-useful in DBVisualizer, they can't be edited. What is missing is an option to treat RAW-cols like text-cols with hex in it. The grid should do rawtohex() when selecting and hextoraw() on insert and update.
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Re: Edit Oracle RAW as Hex in Grid
Hi, RAW columns are treated as binary in DbVisualizer. The default presentation of binary data is by size such as "Binary, 16 Bytes". This can be changed in Tool Properties->General->Grid->Binary/BLOB and CLOB Data to show the actual value or as HEX. Editing binary is as you've already discovered only possible in plain text. I will open a ticket that HEX editing should be possible. Regards Roger