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Multiple table export

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I use pretty frequently the table export feature in dbvisualizer in order to generate excel files or dbunit xml dataset. The export feature is very handy, but it's pretty annoying to export only one table at a time: it would be great to have the ability to select multiple tables in the tree and to export all of them in a single file (at the moment when selecting multiple tables the whole "export" menu item is grayed out). The excel export already creates a new sheet with the same name of the table so it should not be a problem to have a single excel with multiple sheets, and the xml export could generate a single dataset with all the tables. Also the SQL format could simply contain all the statements, so probably the only limit is in the CSV/json export, which could maybe just be set as disabled when the user selected more than one table. So, any plan to add this feature? :) thanks
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Re: Multiple table export
Hi, If you are using any of DB2 for LUW, Informix IDS, H2, JavaDB/Derby, Mimer SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server or Sybase ASE you can use the Export Schema/Database feature to export not only multiple tables but also other database types. You find Export Schema in the actions menu for the Schema or Database in the Databases tab list. Read more in: Regards Roger