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Better integration between Navigator and SQL editor

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I find the navigator a really useful feature for quickly browsing the data but I think there should be better integration with the SQL editor and query builder. When I look at the result set in a node on the navigator, I would love to be able to populate the SQL editor/query builder with the SQL that would give me the same result *including* all the nodes this node is currently connected to as JOINs. All you seem to be able to do right now is generate SQL for the table from which data for the current node is selected but this does not include any JOINs to related tables, so if I want to reproduce the query that would give me the same result set in the SQL editor/builder, I would have to reconstruct the query with all the JOINs manually. The reason why I would like to do this is that I often use the navigator for a first glimpse but then I may need some additional information, e.g. by following FKs to a related table - something for which the navigator itself is not so well suited because it would produce one node for each row in the original node's resultset.
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Re: Better integration between Navigator and SQL editor
Hi Frank, I'm glad to hear that you like the Navigator, but there are no JOINs used so I'm not sure we can help you. Each node represents a simple SELECT with a WHERE clause to select just the rows in the target table with PKs matching the FKs in the source table. Best Regards, Hans