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Presentation of XML Columns (DB2) like clobs

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Hi, I am using DBVis with a DB2 database, and there are some columns defined as XML (data_type = 1111, type_name=XML). Currently it's displayed like a varchar which result in a very very very long column of text, and this not really friendly. I suggest to display it like clobs (puzzle piece, requires to double click to display the content in another window) Is it possible ? Kind Regards, Yvesdm.
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Re: Presentation of XML Columns (DB2) like clobs
Hi, What you can do is to limit the number of characters displayed in a grid. Do this in Tools->Tool Properties and in the General / Grid category. "Max Column Width" is the setting I am referring too. It is currently not possible handle the XML data type as the puzzle piece types (Binary/BLOB and CLOB). Regards Roger