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Database Profile for IBM Netezza

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I'd love to see a database profile added for Netezza. I've looked at how to extend the Generic profile but I'm afraid it will take me longer than I can spend on such a task. However, if it would be helpful I could work with you guys to test. I know we're getting close to 30 Pro users here, and I know many other companies that have DBVis and Netezza that would appreciate this feature. Thanks! =Don
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Re: Database Profile for IBM Netezza
Don, We plan to add Netezza support in the 2015 feature version. Meanwhile you may try the attached database profile for Netezza. It has been contributed by one of our customers and we have not tested it. Please be aware it is not supported. Save it in: USER-HOME/.dbvis/ext/profiles In DbVisualizer Pro open your Netezza connection and its Properties tab. Chose the Database Profiles category and pick the Netezza profile in the right list. Please let me know the result of your testing. Regards Roger