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Open issue tracking system

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Hi, I have a pretty old feature request that I'm holding out for before I get myself the pro version. I just visited these forums today to ask about the status of the corresponding ticket, which made me post this question (sorry if it's been asked before - I didn't find anything on the first pages of search results). Have you ever considered switching to an open issue tracking system (e.g. Bugzilla)? If not, may I ask what your reasons are for keeping this internal? It would be really helpful to be able to follow the status of your feature requests and it would be great to be able to see what you're working on and what's coming. Regards, Mikael
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Re: Open issue tracking system
Hi Mikael, We use JIRA to manage all requests, issues, and for planning. The idea is certainly good but we have no current plans at this time to go public with it. Regards Roger