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Authentication Manager

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It would be very helpful to have login authentication separated from the connections. We are a large Data Warehouse with numerous source systems. We have 90 connections defined many using the same user and password for authentication. Policy and Security is forcing password rotation on 30 days for dba and 60 days for developer. Unfortunately not all vendors or application teams support the State of NC LDAP based external authentication system. A solution could be implemented using a symbolic name managed in a DBVisualizer "Authentication Manager" that would allow creation and use of a symbolic name with the userid and password. The symbolic names could be used in a connection or multiple connections. This could also be implemented similar to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager which allows any connection under a folder to inherit login from the folder unless inheritance is overridden. Great tool! Have been using it since 2001 or 2002. Use it daily for Oracle, Sybase IQ, Sybase ASE, SQL Server, UDB/DB2, Derby, Access, and Cache. Kind regards, Walt
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Re: Authentication Manager
Walt, In DbVisualizer 9.2.x there is support for editing multiple database connections. Just select all connections in the Databases tab, right-click and select Edit Database Connection(s). Change the password and press Update. Read more in: Regards Roger