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Implement 'Execute current and step'

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I would like to suggest a version 'Execute Current' which could be called 'Execute current and step' with a suitable keyboard shortcut. The command would execute the command under the cursor and move the cursor to (the first nonblank character of) the next statement. This behaviour can be achieved now by the sequence Execute Current (Ctrl-. ) Select Current Statement (Shift-Ctrl-. ) Insertion Point to Next Word (Ctrl-Right) The use case is when you have a lenghty script which you would like to step through, typically when debugging or developing. Similar commands exist typically in various debuggers. As a side note the sequence above won't execute as a macro.
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Re: Implement 'Execute current and step'
Hi Jonas, We have an open ticket to look into supporting all actions including Ctrl+. for execute current in macros. Regards Roger