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rowcount in plugin

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I've created a plugin for a proprietary db I'm working with.  I defined the tables node like this

GroupNode type="Tables" label="Tables">

<DataNode type="Table" label="${getTables.TABLE_NAME}" isLeaf="false" is-empty-output="stop">

<SetVar name="objectname" value="${getTables.TABLE_NAME}"/>

<SetVar name="rowcount" value="false"/>

<Command idref="getTables">

<Input name="schema" value="${schema}"/>

<Input name="tableType" value="TABLE"/>




so when 'Tables' is expanded dbv displays the rowcount next to the table if the 'show table row count' option is on.  I thought if I defined 'rowcount' here, then it would never display the rowcount regardless of the option setting.

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Re: rowcount in plugin
Norm, The appearance of Row Count in the tree for an object is enabled (currently) if the name="rowcount" variable setting is defined independent of its value. To disable Row Count then remove the [b][/b] row. This is of course not so obvious and will be fixed in the next version so that a value of false will work as well. Regards Roger