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Problems importing CSV files

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I am using DbVis 6.0.6

I wanted to import a CSV file into a DB to do some needed operations on the data.

My first problem was that empty fields marked as number didn't get imported as NULL values, but created an error instead.

As next step I wanted to import in a grid, and then export in SQL format with "Include Create DLL" checkbox marked and use that file to get the data in a DB finally.

The second problem was that the checkbox was not selectable.

Are that existing limitations of the import feature?

Thanks for response

Max Renkin

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Re: Problems importing CSV files
Max, The null problem with numbers will be fixed in the next version. The other issue with DDL generation is probably related to that the grid is not a result from a database query i.e. the DDL export feature requires that the data being exported has been generated as a result of a database operation. Regards Roger
[This reply is migrated from our old forums. The original author name has been removed]

Re: Problems importing CSV files
Thanks for the fast info!

Regarding the problem to include a CREATE TABLE statement I think a good solution for that need could be:
In the import wizard, where decision is made to import into a grid or a DB table, a button would be added to open the CREATE TABLE form, prefilled with the columns defined in the step before (types are defined here, and the needed size of e.g. varchars is determined as the max. length found in each "string" column).

Furthermore the action "import table data" should be provided not (only) within the context menu of one table, since importing into a grid is not specific to any existing table.