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Append SQL results to Excel Spreadsheet

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Hi, I'm trying to run DBvisualizer to append the results to an Excel Spreadsheet. When I run it a second time, it just seems to override the previous cells. Any suggestions ? Thank you. The following is the SQL that I execute: @export on; @export set filename="\\xxxxxxx\Fsa\JimGormley\OHFS\OHFSsqlResults.xls" format='XLS' appendfile = "true"; SELECT avg(ap.paymentdate-ch.claimreceiptdate)+6 FROM claimheader ch join aptransactionheader ap on ch.claimid=ap.claimid where ch.adjudicationdate >= '01-mar-2009' AND CH.ADJUDICATIONDATE

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Re: Append SQL results to Excel Spreadsheet
Jim, I know it is a bit late... The AppendFile option does not support appending rows to an existing Excel sheet. We have this on the todo list. Thanks! Best Regards Roger