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PostgreSQL inherited columns doesn't show in References diagram

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Hi, I'm using DBVisualizer 7.0.4, and currently evaluating the personal version. I'd like to visualize a PostgreSQL 8.4 database. My problem is that I can't see the inherited columns in the references tab's chart, however if I double-click them, I can see all the columns in the "Columns" tab. Could this be fixed (or at least implement a function to turn them on/off)? I have a suggestion too: In the free edition I was able to visualize the whole database (which consists of around 10 related schemas in my case), but since I'm evaluating the personal version, this is no longer possible. I think it would be a smart idea to visualize the whole dataset, since the schemas could be related to each other. Thanks, Balazs
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Re: PostgreSQL inherited columns doesn't show in References diagram
Hi Balazs, Thanks for your suggestions. Adding support for cross-schema references in the References tab is already on our feature request list, but I will add your vote for it. I will also add your suggestion about showing inherited columns. Best Regards, Hans