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Result set PK columns do not refresh

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Hi, after a primary key is changed, i.e. dropped and recreated, F5 should also reset the primary key columns. Currently, result columns in the result set, carrying the key symbol do not reflect this change, even after pressing F5. Only exiting and restarting a new instance of DBVis helps. Regards, Freewater Edited by: Freewater on Jun 15, 2010 2:23 PM
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Re: Result set PK columns do not refresh
Hi, Table keys are cached since they are seldom updated and to increase performance. I agree that there need to be a way to reset these. I'll register a ticket. The workaround is to select the Data tab for the actual table. In the right click menu select Edit Table Data->Key Column Chooser. Unselect all entries and press Close. Now reload the Data tab. A lot of steps but it should work. Best Regards Roger