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Bug in Import Table Data

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I tried importing a particular CSV file into 2 different databases, the first an embedded JavaDB database, the second an embedded HSQLDB database. When I tried to do the second import the import facility remembered the settings for the previous import, which was mostly pretty convenient except for the fact that the SCHEMA list in the "Import Destination -> New Table Details" section was from the JavaDB database, not the HSQLDB database. As a result, I was unable to create the destination table as DbVisualizer kept trying to use a schema that didn't exist. The database connection indicated the HSQLDB database, though, which was correct.
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Re: Bug in Import Table Data
Hi Steve, Thanks for reporting this. It is indeed a bug and I have opened a ticket for it. Until it's fixed, you may work around it (for some databases) by setting the Schema to an empty string. The table should then be created in the default schema for the connection. Best Regards, Hans