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informix synonyms

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hi i use synonyms to point to tables in other databases from OTHER informix instances. when browsing synonyms in dbvis only the database is listed, without the database instance (separate informix server). what is shown in dbvis: synonym_name,synonym_owner,db_name,table_owner,table_name,synonym_type the syntax i use to define synonyms: create synonym "synonym_owner".synonym_name for db_name@instance_name:"table_owner".table_name; would be nice if dbvisualizer would show synonyms as synonym_name,synonym_owner,db_name,INSTANCE_NAME,table_owner,table_name,synonym_type or at least synonym_name,synonym_owner,db_name@INSTANCE_NAME,table_owner,table_name,synonym_type also, would be nice if we had a ddl tab for synonyms (showing the command used to create the synonym) Edited by: Ardealul on Jun 15, 2011 8:48 AM
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Re: informix synonyms
Ardealul, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll open a ticket for this. Regards Roger