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Hi, Does DbVis allow access to a cloud mounted SalesForce DB ? Thanks

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Re: SalesForce
Steve, If there is a JDBC driver for SalesForce DB and that you have the details such as hostname/IP address, port number, etc. then chances are good you will be able to connect with DbVisualizer. Note however that SalesForce DB is not a database we have tested DbVisualizer with so I cannot guarantee all features will work properly. Regards Roger
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Re: SalesForce
Hi there, I've been using DbVis Professional to test out our two JDBC offerings to access Salesforce and related data. Predominantly on my Mac, but some on Windows. The newest is our recently-gone-GA cloud-based offering, Datadirect Cloud. It is a subscription-based SQL service that provides access to a variety of cloud data sources (Salesforce, RightNow, ServiceMax, etc.), including the Salesforce ecosystem. There are universal JDBC and ODBC drivers that talk to our service running in the cloud, which you go through to access your data source(s). 30 day free trial with some restrictions as to the # of SQL statements and the volume of data moved. (You configure data sources on the cloud service via a web gui, and you point the xDBC drivers to that cloud service.) The other is our Connect XE for JDBC for Salesforce (that's a mouthful!). A type 4 JDBC driver that you configure to directly connect to your Salesforce instance or application. Here's a youtube video of DbVis talking to a ITIL application from BMC Corporation, Remedyforce. Also, I've attached a screenshot. 15 day trials of the Connect driver is available at our website, Both have worked very well with DbVis! Things have worked as expected. We present a standards-compliant JDBC "face" to Salesforce and these other data sources, and DbVis supports well-behaved JDBC drivers via their generic JDBC adapter, and all seems to be fine. Obviously, I've had to be able to add our drivers via the JDBC Driver Manager without incident. Setup connections with the Connection Wizard. I've successfully used the Query Builder. Did very quick testing of updating/changing data in the results grid and seeing the changes reflected back in the Salesforce or Remedyforce systems through the standard web interface. (All of this has been with the 9.0.x GA releases.) Full disclosure - I am a Sales Engineer with Datadirect. Edited by: Greg on Aug 8, 2013 10:17 PM