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Not liking the tab behaviour in 9 I'm afraid.

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I just want to single click b/w my tabs and I want them to shrink as I add more. I do not want to horizontal scroll thru my tabs. How can I get single clickable tabs back and have them all visible at the same time?
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Re: Not liking the tab behaviour in 9 I'm afraid.
Robert, As of 9.0 all tabs are organized in a single row and it is not possible to revert to the old layout. If there are too many tabs to fit in the visible row, an icon to the right of all tabs is displayed. Click this to show a list of all tabs. You may also modify the automatic naming scheme of tabs so that more of them are visible. Do this Tools->Tool Properties->General->Appearance->Tabs. We will look into alternative strategies how to navigate the tabs easier. Regards Roger