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H2 Create Table

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Hi, I'm new trying DBVis. I created an empty test H2 DB using driver h2-1.3.160.jar. DB table created fine and appears under Connections panel. However, the db objects tree does not match that given in What I have is shown in attached file. As you can see from the screen shot there is no root schema node and no TABLES node under the default public schema. This is in contrast to the layout shown under I am using eval version of DBVis: Product: DbVisualizer Free 9.0.1 Build: #1909 (2012/12/17 16:23) Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM Java Version: 1.6.0_37 Java Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc. OS Name: Windows 7 OS Arch: x86 OS Version: 6.1 Any guidance would be great, thanks. Peter Edited by: pjc42 on Dec 19, 2012 6:38 PM
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Re: H2 Create Table
Peter, The documentation refer to what is visible in the DbVisualizer Pro edition for H2. DbVisualizer Free show only a limited number of objects for all databases whereas DbVisualizer Pro extend with a lot more objects and features. Give DbVisualizer Pro a try by signing-up for an evaluation license: Regards Roger