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Memory leak in v9.0.2 (OSX)

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+Continued from+ The memory warning dialog appeared today, with slightly different behavior: First, the two open tabs with the most use and rows actually showed a believable amount of memory consumed, 12-13 MB in both cases. When the dialog was shown, the memory meter was around 450M of 505M. I closed the two tabs consuming the most memory through the memory warning dialog, and the memory meter was reduced by about 44MB, and clicked the GC icon, but within a few seconds the memory warning dialog was presented again. I dismissed it, and closed the remaining tabs, but with no tabs open, and the GC run again, the memory warning dialog continued to be displayed, and a restart of DbVis was required. Interestingly, at no point on dismissing the warning dialog was I presented with an "Are you sure?" dialog, which made the orderly shutdown process easier. Product: DbVisualizer Pro 9.0.2 Build: #1912 (2012/12/18 10:21) Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM Java Version: 1.6.0_37 Java Vendor: Apple Inc. OS Name: Mac OS X OS Arch: x86_64 OS Version: 10.8.2 Edited by: MattK on Dec 21, 2012 3:54 PM

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Re: Memory leak in v9.0.2 (OSX)
Hi Matt, So sorry to hear it is still a problem. Just to be clear, the problem disappear if you disable the assistive devices support again, right? If so, we need to look into how we can work around the memory leaks it causes. Regarding the modal dialog, I agree with you as things stand right now since it doesn't work as intended. The dialog is modal because once you reach the memory utilization limit, anything you do can cause the GUI to freeze and really make it impossible to close things down in an orderly fashion. The only thing you can safely do is to close tabs and stop jobs, and both those things can be done from the dialog. If there are pending editor edits, you get the chance to save them when you close the tab from the dialog, for instance. The problem is that currently there are cases when closing tabs and stopping jobs do not release memory due to bugs. That's why you end up in the situation you describe. If the memory was released, as it should, you would be able to click Continue without having the dialog pop up again. Until we have found a solution for the bugs, we may add a Shutdown button in the dialog to handle this. Best Regards, Hans
[This reply is migrated from our old forums. The original author name has been removed]

Re: Memory leak in v9.0.2 (OSX)
I have turned the assistive option off, and will see how it goes. As far as the dialog goes, closing tabs from this dialog never helps. They all show less than 1MB used, and even when closing them all, the warning persists. Whatever is consuming memory, DbVis is not showing that it is specific to a particular tab.