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feature questions about dbvis pro version 9

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Hi I'm evaluating Dbvis Pro. I'd like to know it's possible on Dbvis Pro. First. is it possible to load result Set on demand? for example I set max result set count as -1 And if query results are 420,000 records , I have to wait for all the results to be fetched. So at first time shows specific amount of record like 10,000 records, and if i pushed button or vertical scroll bar is reached the end of gird, another 10,000 records are fetched from db and are appended on result grid. Second, I usally used SQL developer for oracle, It has a feature to open popup form about table or view description from editor If i hit Shift-F4 on table or view name in a query editor. I'd like to know the same feature is provided on Dbvis by shortcut key. Third , I'd like to change default mouse click event behavior on result Grid. If i double clicked on result cells or header column, On Cell Value It opens read only cell form and On Header it sorts the results , I'd like to change this behavior. i'd like cell value or header name to be copied on editor when i double click header or cell value , Is it possible to change the default behavior ? Sorry for my bad English Thanks Park
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Re: feature questions about dbvis pro version 9
Park, 1) DbVisualizer retrieve all rows in a batch and it is not possible to automatically fetch more when for example scrolling the result set. 2) To open the details for the table at the cursor use the "Show Object at Cursor" in the editor right-click menu or Ctrl+Shift+space key binding. 3) It is not possible to redefine the double-click behavior. To copy cell value(s) use the Ctrl+C key binding. Regards Roger