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Requirements for using type "SourceEditor" - Stored Procedures

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Hi all, I am finishing a first version of IBM Netezza profile file. I would like to make use of some other viewers than the simple "grid"/"form" ones. I can see that some other provided profiles are using one [DataView type="SourceEditor"]. Unfortunately I can't find any documentation refering to what are the data requirements necessary in order to invoke this viewer. Is there a document showing the mapping between this type of data viewer and the fields required? Many thanks, David
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Re: Requirements for using type "SourceEditor" - Stored Procedures
Hi David, The SourceEditor (or more accurately, viewer="ProcedureViewer") maps to database-specific Java classes that are only implemented for the databases Marked as having Database Specific Support on this page: There is no public API for these classes and no way to register custom implementations. The same is true for viewer="ddl". Best Regards, Hans