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JVM crashes frequently when using the Compare feature

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I recently started using the Compare feature and am seeing repeated JVM crashes while working with comparison results. I am not sure what action is triggering the crashes, but the crashes only seem to happen during comparisons. My strong suspicion is that this is a probably a JVM bug. I am currently using the DbVis 9.0.2 Windows 64-bit release with the embedded JVM (dbvis_windows-x64_9_0_2_jre) on a laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. The target databases I am comparing are SQL Server 2008 using the JTDS driver. I can provide JVM crash logs if that would be helpful. I was going to upload them here, but decided against that since they contain system specific information. Regards, David
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Re: JVM crashes frequently when using the Compare feature
Hi David, We are aware of an issue that triggers a VM crash when there are a lot (thousands) of differences when comparing tables, using a Java 6 VM. The issue seems to be resolved when using a Java 7 VM, so please try to install Java 7 and configure DbVisualizer to use Java 7 as described here: Please let us know how it goes. Best Regards, Hans