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Problems accessing all dbvis functionality with DB2 v10

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Hi, We recently had our db2 db updated from v9 to v10. Previously, dbvis worked fine. Initially after the upgrade, we were able to connect, but could not see any of the schemas in the db. After reading the forums, I changed the db connection property 'database type' from DB2 LUW to DB2 z/OS. This allows me to see all of the schemas in the db. but.... when I expand the table list (click the + plus icon), I get: [jcc][t4][10174][10603][3.57.82] The load module name for the stored procedure, {0}, is not found on the server. Contact your DBA. ERRORCODE=-4472, SQLSTATE=null if I click on the 'table' label, this generates a listing of the tables in the output screen on the right panel. So, we are able to query the db with maually written SQL, however none of the db metadata is available (ie none the useful functions that dbvis provides!), any ideas on workarounds? dbvis 8.0.8 db2 driver 9.3.57 db2 client v9 Note, I downloaded the latest version of dbvis 9.0.2 and have the same symptoms. Note 2, our dba uses another gui db viewer (not dbvis) and is not having any of these issues. thanks, Steve
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Re: Problems accessing all dbvis functionality with DB2 v10
Hi Steve, There are a number of configuration steps that must be done for a DB2 z/OS database to use JDBC. Did you do this after upgrading then database? Best Regards, Hans