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Version 9, Open table in tab

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When i open a table in tab and look to the data the stop button does not work. usually i want to look at just a few rows of data and in the old versions we could click on data and the data would start to load and then stop button would stop the load and bring up what we had. Now it continues to run and i finally start to get memory errors. Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong? Thanks
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Re: Version 9, Open table in tab
Hi Pam, In our testing, clicking Stop works as it should. Which database and driver (make and versions) do you use? Are you seeing this problem with a table that you have managed to stop without any problems with a previous DbVisualizer version? Roughly how many rows does the table hold? Even though clicking Stop should work, a better approach when you only want to see a few rows is to set Max Rows to the number of rows you want to see. Best Regards, Hans