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Corrupted Installation

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I was running DBVis and running a query against a SQLServer database across VPN connection with a moderately slow wireless connection. Queries seemed to be running fine, but when I switched from pulling 1000 rows to 5000 rows, the computer locked up. (I run Fedora 16.) I shut down the computer and rebooted and now my configuration files are corrupted. All of my connections appear to have been wiped out. Also, the graphics have changed to the old look and feel. I ran "dbvis_linux_9_0_5" hoping that updating the installation would fix it, but re-running set up did not help. I could not see how to completely uninstall the application: there is no option for that in the drop down menus that I saw and nothing much is said about this on the DBVis web site. Opening DBVis does the following: 1) I get a Notification Alert stating that I must restart DBVis to see the new look and feel. 2) After clicking Okay, I get another Notification Alert: "Could not read XML file .../.dbvis/config70/dbvis.xml Error is: Error on line 1: Premature End of File" 3) The application opens and the "New Connection Wizard" pops up. 4) If I enter a connection name and hit NEXT, the "Select Database Driver" step appears. However, there are no drivers in the dropdown list! 5) Closing out the wizard, I see there is another screen that lets me reset my drivers. I tried this and hit the start button on this. Restarting the application, when the Wizard comes up my Driver dropdown is still empty. What to do?! Edited by: l33tJeff on Apr 9, 2013 3:44 PM

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Re: Corrupted Installation
Solution: rm .dbvis -rf
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Re: Corrupted Installation
Hi Jeff, Yes, removing the DbVisualizer settings folder cleans up everything. It may have been enough to remove the .dbvis/config70/dbvis.xml file. Best Regards, Hans Edited by: Hans Bergsten on Apr 10, 2013 8:54 PM