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Can I generate DDL without the COLLATE statments?

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For SQL Server or other types of databases, is it possible to script the DDL without including the COLLATE statements on the columns as shown below. CREATE TABLE Account ( RECID NUMERIC(19, 0) NOT NULL IDENTITY, VERSIONID NUMERIC(19, 0) NOT NULL, companyCode CHAR(4) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL, ... I would like the last line to be generated simply as... companyCode CHAR(4), ... I'm still in the process of assessing whether or not to purchase DBVis. I find the user interface to be much nicer than RazorSQL which I'm also evaluating. RazorSQL, however, seems to have better scripting options. Thanks for any help or advice. Ken
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Re: Can I generate DDL without the COLLATE statments?
Hi Ken, Thanks for your interest in DbVisualizer. It is currently not possible to exclude the COLLATE clause for character data types, but we can look into excluding it when it is the same as the default collation. Would that satisfy your needs? Best Regards, Hans